JavaScript Is the Worst Programming Language, Except For All the Others

So I made a tutorial about writing a broughlike in JavaScript from scratch. I'm really proud of it. I've watched several people follow it to completion and the feedback has been unbelievably positive. It was even used by Zack Johnson (creator of Kingdom of Loathing) while doing a game jam. Whoa!

Tutorial screenshot

The idea of this project came about because I was super frustrated trying to learn Unity. I guess I'm just a big dummy, but struggling to learn something new after some 20 years of programming (and constantly learning new things every day) was hard to deal with. And the whole time all I could think was: this would be so much easier in JavaScript.

2d array drawing

Now at least I have an appreciation for both the difficulty of learning Unity and the difficulty of writing a tutorial. :D

It's amusing how every language I have used professionally has received such widespread hate. People hate CSS for being utterly confusing, PHP for its terrible design, Java for being too verbose and enterprisey, ColdFusion for being a joke, and JavaScript for... well they blame everything that was ever wrong with the web on JavaScript.

Despite that, I love JavaScript and I hope that shines through in the tutorial. JavaScript feels so natural, so fluid to me. I know it lacks types and it has dangerous constructs and weird parts, but that stuff is really really useful too! I really can't imagine a better lanugage for going fast.

If you have any interest in learning game development or JavaScript or both, please check it out.

Vote on HNDiscuss on Hacker News, you know, if that's like your thing.


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