Current Project

Golden Krone Hotel

A roguelike about killing vampires with sunlight. Originally made for 7drl 2014, but I've been expanding it ever since. Now on Steam!

Free Games


A bullet hell/hacking roguelike. Placed 1st in 7DRL 2018!


Manage a group of survivors through a zombie apocalypse. Made for 7drl 2017.

The Only Shadow That the Desert Knows

A time travel roguelike about collecting 5 legendary artifacts. Made for 7drl 2016.


An abstract roguelike with multi-tile enemies. Made for 7drl 2015.

A False Saint, An Honest Rogue

A wilderness survival roguelike made for 7drl 2013. Listed as one of the best roguelikes of 2013 on


A puzzle game about mastery. Made for js13k 2014 (ranked 20th place overall out of 129 entries.

Not games


A tool that procedurally generates weird trees out of 2D layers.

Who's That Pokemans?

A twitter bot that daydreams about Pokemon and the British Library.

Waifu Showdown

A championship bracket between fictional characters. With Twitter integration!

News from '14

A twitter bot that tweets headlines exactly 100 years old.

Canto Delirium

A twitter bot that tracks the online gambling game Cordial Minuet. Announces match results and gives users access to profit graphs.


A jQuery plugin for coloring elements deterministically.

Old, tiny, and bizarre projects: